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Tools for Living Pain Free


Watch Lee's video and discover how changing your sitting posture can eliminate back and neck pain.This is an important step to eliminating many painful conditions.  It is easier than you think!


Listen to Lee's latest interview on Berkshire Wellness Radio. Learn about the brilliant mechanics of your human body and unlock the secrets that will help you live with less pain and stress and experience more happiness and calm in your life. In this 35 minute interview Lee will discuss such topics as muscle imbalances, yoga for pain relief, meditation and pranayama.


In this podcast Lee will discuss muscle imbalances and the role they play in your painful condition. Lee will demonstrate how to balance your pelvis with easy stretches suitable for most people.

Guided Breathing & Meditation

The benefits of breathing and meditation for pain relief are many.  The act of slowing and deepening your breathing turns on your parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes your muscles (bringing blood and oxygen to ishemic tissue) and releases a host of beneficial neurotransmitters (primarily endorphins, our bodies’ natural pain relievers). Neuroscientists believe that stress reduction is a major component of meditation’s beneficial condition in the body. From a muscular viewpoint, emotional stress, which causes a “fight or flight” condition in the body by releasing adrenaline into the system, will make the muscles in the body tighter and more painful. Many of the common diseases in America, such as hypertension and cardiac issues, have stress as a major component. Studies have also shown that people diagnosed with fibromyalgia (widespread pain in the body) have improved by practicing meditation. You can achieve lower stress levels in as little as four to six weeks of a regular meditation practice.  Above are several links to guided breathing/meditation videos. These would be a good place to start, however you may find it more useful to search for guided breathing exercises that resonate with you personally.

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