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Back Pain Treatment

Low Back Pain?
by Lee Albert, NMT

In my 25 years of helping people to live a pain free life, I have observed that 60-70% of the low back pain that I treat is originating with tight, short muscles on the front side of the body. These muscles are the quadriceps and the psoas. 


Let me explain how muscles that do not hurt (quads & psoas) are causing pain on the other side of the body (low back). The quads & psoas are hip flexor muscles, which in simple terms help you to bend forward. When these muscles are too short, and tight they then pull your pelvis forward. This tilting of the pelvis causes a compression in the low back and the resulting pain. That pain you feel is the symptom, but the cause is often the hip flexor muscles.

3 Simple Tools to Support a Good Night’s Rest and Send Your Lower Back Pain to Deep Sleep

by Monica Le Baron

Does lower back pain wake you up at night? Then keep reading this article to get my favorite tools to support a good night’s rest and send your lower back pain to deep sleep. 


These tools are not rocket science. They're simple, and if you have heard of them repeatedly, this is your sign to practice them and add them to your evening routine. 


Let’s get started! 

Woman Sleeping
Child's Pose

How to Practice Yoga Without
Wrecking Your Body

by Lee Albert, NMT

A  NY Times article (How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body) is warning us about the dangers of yoga. There are a number of good points in the article about inversions and stretching too deeply into postures. The article goes on to describe various injuries many people suffer while practicing yoga.This even includes some quite accomplished yogis. The article concludes that the vast majority of people should give up yoga altogether.


While I agree with much of what is said in the article, I have come to a much different conclusion...

One-Third Of Americans Experience Chronic Pain 
by Lee Albert, NMT

A third of all Americans -- more than 116 million people -- live with longlasting, chronic pain, according to a new report from the Institute of Medicine. That is more than all the people who have heart disease, diabetes and cancer, combined.


Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting for 30 to 60 days, and that has an impact on personal and professional life, TIME reported. The costs of chronic pain are up to $635 billion a year, when adding up treatment costs and money lost from decreased productivity, according to the report.

Girl Relaxing

Breathe Correctly to Reduce Pain
by Lee Albert, NMT

In an excellent article (The Five Healing Benefits of Breath), the author reminds us about the importance of breathing fully, slowly and steadily. The article describes some of the benefits of healthy breathing as calming the mind, cleaning toxins and reducing pain in the body. 


Most people take breathing for granted. Usually we do not give it much thought. Breathing, however is the most significant activity that we do because it gives us the most important nutrient required for life: oxygen. 

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