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Wellness Solutions for the Workplace
Addressing The Needs Of You & Your Employees To Create A Thriving Workplace
Lee's services not only provide valuable practices for Injury Prevention but as a neuromuscular therapist who really understands how the body works, he provides easy solutions for Pain Remediation. Treating the cause and the symptom is the quickest way to a more pain free life.  

Each employee will receive Specific Recommendations suited to their particular situation. One shoe does not fit all and every employee needs a custom solution. Lee will provide an Inexpensive & Innovative Wellness Plan for each individual and their unique problems. 

Management will receive a Thorough Written Evaluation for each employee along with recommendations for proper workstation setup, behavior modification and work environment. 

Group Workshops are also recommended to demonstrate to employees the benefits of Wellness Solutions not only for the work place but at home as well. These workshops are interactive and fun and empower employees to help themselves have a better quality of life.
A Common Sense Approach To Getting And Staying Pain Free

Steps to a Pain Free Life Workshop

These workshops give employees and management an overall view of basic wellness practices. These valuable tips empower people to help themselves eliminate or reduce their pain levels and to have a better quality of life. The workshops are fun and interactive and will give the tools to immediately start feeling better.

Time: 1-2 hours 
... I did a summary report for your workshop and every survey response was positive. The employees are singing your praises to management

-Crane & Co.
Workstation Evaluation

Employees are trained on how to set up a workstation and proper use of ergonomic equipment. After observation, corrective action is taken to ensure maximum results. Employees receive a form with suggestions to reduce pain and fatigue. Suggestions are also given to modify work habits for superior results. Lee's goal is quick and long lasting results. 

Time: 20-30 minutes/workstation
Once again you were a big hit. Graham said it was the best safety or ergonomics presentation we have ever had.

-Anita M Human Resource
  • Work Station Evaluation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Remediation
  • Back & Neck Care
  • Wrist & Hand Care
  • Self Help
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Stretching
  • Wellness
Workstation Evaluation & Pain Remediation

Each employee will receive everything mentioned in the above workstation evaluation. In addition to this an assessment of painful areas will be conducted. Practical, easy to perform, exercises will be taught to the employee so they have the tools to remediate their own pain.

Time: 60 minutes/workstation/employee

Services Offered:
I was thrilled to learn things that I could do to prevent my pain from reoccurring
-Lesley B
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