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Again the pain went away immediately!

I attended your Integrated Positional Therapy program at Kripalu in April.  You used me to demonstrate the hip balancing series and in 15 seconds removed a pain (in my right quadratus lumborum) that I had been living with for nine months!  I thought you might be interested in a follow up report.

About three days after I got home, I felt the muscle beginning to spasm again.  I taught my husband the series and every three days he performed them.  Then as you predicted, my left side began to hurt.  This was very unusual because I have never experienced pain on the left side before.  I remembered what you told us, that once the problem is corrected, the side that has been compensating for the injured side starts to ache.  This lasted about three days and has since totally disappeared.  I find now that I can go about a week to 10 days before I need another "balancing".  

In one of my Yoga classes I have a student who has a lot of pain in the QL as well.  I tried the "MET for QL" toward the end of class (I was showing the class some of what I had learned) and her pain when away immediately!  She was afraid to get off the table because she thought the pain would come back.  After savasana she told the class it was the first time she could lie on her back and breathe and not feel pain!  In another class, one student was complaining about pain in her levator scapula and I did the SCS movement.  Again the pain went away immediately!

-Elaine S
It sounded so easy I thought he was joking, but I didn't feel that way when I left ...

I've had bouts of recurrent back pain for a number of years. The latest was the worst. Imaging indicated that I have degenerative disease of the spine, with ruptured discs, other goodies, and spinal stenosis. My symptoms at the time included limping, walking bent over, a weakened right leg and sciatic pain focused on my hip. I was referred for physical therapy that included traction (The Rack) as well as exercises for the occasion. They were well done and helped, but I still had quite a bit of pain when the treatments ended. Fortunately my cousin's trainer suggested I see Lee Albert for Integrated Positional Therapy. I went to see him and it was one of the best things I could have done. He is a very nice person but more to the point he helped me greatly with his knowledge that not all back pain comes from spinal and neurological problems. It also can come from muscles that are out of kilter with or without back problems. When this happens the muscles themselves can cause pain from having become too tight, two shortened or too stretched. He told me they can be released by simple manipulations and he could show me how. It sounded so easy I thought he was joking, but I didn't feel that way when I left his office an hour later walking straight up and barely limping. My pockets held simple exercises he had given me to relieve muscle stress and improve my posture at home or work. I have done them ever since. They are the exercises I don't skip because they work, and I continue to walk well with mild or no discomfort.

- Robert Weisman
Lee Albert brings to us a gentle, noninvasive healing modality that offers a promising alternative approach to pain management.

After practicing Emergency Medicine several years, appreciating the excellence of acute care we enjoy in this country, I became a medical consultant with a state rehabilitation commission, and came face to face with Western medicine's abysmal record with chronic pain management. Then I personally experienced migraine headaches and chronic hip pain due to an old horseback riding injury. After receiving one hour of treatment from Lee, the degree of pain relief he gave me was amazing. I told him, They never taught this in medical school “ you have to show me how you do this. Attending his workshops opened my mind to a whole new way of treating pain. Integrated Positional Therapy makes perfect anatomic sense, and has helped me effectively relieve pain in patients with fibromyalgia, migraines, tension headaches, chronic low back pain, ankylosing spondylitis, shoulder pain  the list goes on and on. Lee Albert brings to us a gentle, noninvasive healing modality that offers a promising alternative approach to pain management.

-Lisa C. Oliver, M.D.

Her pain and spasm were 75 per cent gone ...

My sister-in-law--Danielle V.--had been suffering from increasingly severe pain and spasm in her right foot. During a visit to her home one year ago, she informed me that three months of physical therapy had failed to relieve the problem, and she had then scheduled surgery with a podiatrist, who was then to cut the extensor tendons of her foot to relieve the spasm and pain. I suggested that before undertaking such an extreme measure, she see Lee Albert at Kripalu for Integrated Positional Therapy. I called Danielle a few days after her treatment, and she told me that after one 80 minute treatment, her pain and spasm were 75 per cent gone and she had cancelled the surgery. One year later, she continues to experience the same degree of relief.

-Clifford Schilke, M.D.

Integrated Positional Therapy is a powerful and rapidly effective threatment modality.

It should be taught to every medical student, and should become an important componant of the practice of every primary care physician and every other medical specialist concerned with acute or chronic pain. It's use would yield vast savings in medical care costs, while at the same time sparing patients the additional burden of further injury caused by unnecessary medical treatment.

-Clifford Schilke, M.D.
At the age of 65, I went to my doctor because of a pain in my shoulder which affected my ability to raise my arm above chest level or grasp both my hands behind my back. He told me it was a problem many people get, even he had it! I was told, I'd probably have it for the rest of my life; although the pain could be eased with a cortisone injection and if that didn't work, surgery would definitely help it. A friend suggested I contact Lee Albert at the Kripalu Institute in Lenox, Massachusetts for a positional therapy session. I did, and after the first session, I was free of pain! Lee showed me exercises to do to increase my range of motion and to prevent the problem from returning. After 6 months, my range of motion returned completely! It's now two years later - no cortisone shots, no surgery, no medication! I will be forever indebted to Lee Albert and his expertise with positional therapy for helping me gain back the full use of my shoulder! Today, it is stronger then ever! 

Joan Curtis Ed.D

As a yoga teacher and as a person diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have had the opportunity to teach/offer the positional release therapy techniques taught by Lee in this book as well as experience them first hand in my own body. I never would have believed something so simple, both in terms of theory and practice, could do so much to help my own chronic pain. Lee has, and continues to, change lives daily by sharing this methodology with others. It is nothing short of magic.
-Charlotte Young, RYT

I had 6 months of physical therapy after my medial meniscus tore from dancing in my left knee. While the PT was helpful it did not allow me to go back to my normal level of activity. And the pain was still there. I was reluctant to really get into my Yoga practice with the vigor I had previously but then I had an unique and revelatory experience. On the table for less than a few minutes with simple pain free slight manipulations and stretching the hands-on magic hands of Lee Albert and Integrated Positional Therapy I was amazed the knee was ALL BETTER. No pain, no tightness, and it did not return. It was this that made me a "believer" and when the chance was there I trained under Lee to become a Positional Release Therapist myself to treat myself and because it is a wonderful addition to my Yoga Therapy and Reiki practice. Thanks Lee!

-Beth W
In 2005 I began noticing a progressive problem with my hips. It became difficult rising from a seated position and stairs began to be a painful challenge. My Orthopedic Doctor's solution was steroid injections. While this brought instant relief, the effect of the shot only lasted a few months and carried with it unwanted side effects. I was not willing to continue with a treatment that seemed to address the symptom but did not serve as a cure for the root problem. As luck would have it, I was scheduled to study at Kripalu in June 2006 and met Lee Albert. Lee did an assessment and told me that I had a hip misalignment. He had me move my hips in very simple ways and the pain went away. The pain was totally gone! My first thought was that it could not have been THAT simple, but it was. Lee Albert's Positional Therapy seemed miraculous to me. I am a Yoga Instructor and once Lee began offering Positional Therapy Training at Kripalu, I jumped at the chance to study with him. My hips have continued to be pain free and I have been able to bring this wonderful therapy to people in my community. Lee Albert's Method of Positional Therapy is simple, but miraculous

-Joan M
This book on Integrated Positional Therapy is an amazing gift to free people from chronic pain and habitual patterns of neglecting their bodies. The techniques of Strain-Counter-Strain, and Muscle Energy Technique are simple, non-invasive which give immediate relief. I just completed the Level 111 session at Kripalu Yoga Centre with Lee and have noticed my body re-aligning as I continue to perform the "homework" I was given. I look forward to bringing this wisdom Lee has so graciously shared to my clients.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Cathy C
You have helped me so much ...

I just wanted to let you know that I am very excited to (finally) attend your Integrated Positional Therapy Training in April. You have helped me so shoulder injury (last time I saw you I had constant pain in my left shoulder - one of the rotators?) is SOOOOOOOO much better. With constant awareness and your tips, I no longer live in constant pain.
My hip pain disappeared after receiving Integrated Positional Therapy during our training...

My name is Patricia C. I was blessed to be able to attend your Positional Therapy course offered at Kripalu in August! THANK YOU! When I came to the workshop I had been having pain in my left hip caused when my foot slipped off of an elipitical while I was exercising. The orthopedist gave up on me, told me to ignore it since there wasn't a fracture. It was difficult to ignore because it was painful whenever I walked or stood for long periods of time. I felt as though my femur was diplaced, so I returned to the orthopedist and he ordered an MRI which showed degeneration and nondisplacement tear of the acetabular labrum at the antero-supero-lateral aspect, 5mm herniation pit at the anterior aspect of the left femoral neck and minimal joint effusion of the left hip. This had been a problem since December '02. After the MRI he suggested surgery. An appointment to see the "endoscopic hip specialist" was set up for October. I won't need surgery or the appointment with the specialist, as my hip pain disappeared after receiving Integrated Positional Therapy during our training. 

 -Patricia C, RN, LMM
...after the first session, I was free of pain!
It is nothing short of magic.
I was amazed the knee was ALL BETTER. could not have been THAT simple, but it was.
...give immediate relief.
My symptoms have all but disappeared, ...

I first came to see Lee Albert in the spring of 2006. I had been diagnosed by my Neurologist in January 2006 with Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, left greater than right, and was recommended for surgery in both wrists to correct it. At my insistence he sent me for physical therapy first to see if it would help. After 6 weeks the physical therapist told me I should listen to my doctor and have the surgery, as I was one of the worst cases she had ever seen.

About the same time, my daughter was also having severe wrist pain from different causes and was also recommended for surgery by her Orthopedic Surgeon. My friend had recommended I see Lee, so my daughter and I both made the trip to Kripaula to see him.

I found Lee to be amazing. His recommendations seemed so simple, and yet, they changed my whole body - not to mention my life. He not only spent our session doing his treatments, but also showing me how I could do these at home myself. Fortunately for me, my friend had trained under Lee, and was able to work with me on a weekly basis to reinforce what he had taught me, and to help with the areas where I needed assistance.

Over the years, I have incorporated Lee's techniques into my daily routine. My symptoms have all but disappeared, and only flare up when I have not done my exercises and have over stressed my body. And even then, they are easily relieved within a matter of seconds. I feel so empowered knowing that I have the resources to prevent these symptoms and to live my life fully without pain, medicines or surgery.

My daughter was also able to avoid surgery and eliminate all the wrist pain she was experiencing after seeing Lee. We both try to get up to see him once a year or so, but mainly because we find our visits so therapeutic and relaxing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Vivian P
...was completely and gently healed during a short period of time

"My first experience with Positional Therapy was with a "tennis elbow" muscular injury in my right forearm. What had been examined by a Medical Doctor and painfully worked on for over six weeks with a Physical Therapist was completely and gently healed during a short period of time within a 1-hour Positional Therapy session with Lee Albert. A gymnast in my youth and a yoga practitioner in my adulthood, I realize the body compensates for injury. This 1-hour session of Positional Therapy brought such profound alignment of my entire physical body I not only decided to train with Lee in his Positional Therapy Levels I and II classes at Kripalu, but have subsequently become a Licensed Massage Therapist in order to be able to share this amazing healing work with others. Lee has been a wonderful mentor over the years. He makes this learning fun with his warm sense of humor, deep wisdom, and chocolate!"

 - Sue Leonard, LMT, RPP Yarmouth, Maine

Trigger Finger success story...

How easy is the Albert Protocol and Integrated Positional Therapy? How's this for an example: After being trained in Integrated Positional Therapy/the Albert Protocol by Lee Albert, I was on my way home. On the drive I called and spoke with my parents. Turns out my mom was suffering from trigger finger and said she was going for a cortisone shot the next day. As I listened to her describe her pain I thought, "I can help." I described to her and my father how to slacken the muscles in her finger and suggested she postpone getting a shot and try this solution first. She did and in a week her finger was mobile again and she has not had a recurrence of the pain in over four years!

-Leigh Fountain
MS, PKYT, RYT500, IAYT, Diplomate in Professional Coaching
Tallahassee, FL

This book is a treasure...

Lee Albert's counterintuitive magic “ slackening instead of stretching “ as is the case with Chinese puzzles “ has gotten me through the fallout of international travel, moving, and various athletic injuries “ time and time again. It has also taught me how to help myself in ways that have been true gifts. This book is a treasure that challenges traditional ways of dealing with muscle pain and strain, and offers new ways of dealing with muscle pain that can be life changing.

-DE, New York City
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