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Transformative Healthy Living Mentoring Program
Hi, I'm Lee Albert.

I'm an author, neuromuscular therapist and have 2 shows on PBS about Healthy Living. I have been helping people lead a happier life with less pain and anxiety for 30 years. Now, I am excited to announce my new one-on-one mentoring program to help transform your life so that you can have more joy, energy, better sleep, less stress and fewer aches and pains no matter what your age.

If you are looking to make healthy changes and form lifelong healthy habits this is the program for you.  In this 12-week program, we will discover all the areas of your wellness and focus on whole health strategies of lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition to incorporate healthy habits.  I will be your personal coach using my 30 years of experience to help you succeed in your goal of a more joyous pain free life. 

There is no quick fix or magic pill but with targeted effort, realistic goals, support and accountability, your health and wellness goals will become a reality. I will help you to take charge of your life so you can stay active, healthy and happy….and best of all the suggestions won’t take up a lot of time. Just a small commitment starts to bring forth the results.

In this mentoring program you will learn a 5 step method that will help you have:

  • Less pain in your body
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Better, restful sleep
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases
  • Better quality of life
  • More energy
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • A better functioning immune system
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • A healthier brain and improved memory
  • More happiness and joy
  • Better control of your weight

Your program includes:

-One 60-minute Health History Assessment and Health Vision

-Eleven 45-minute weekly coaching sessions on Zoom personalized for your individual condition which can be adapted to most situations. 

-Guidance, support, accountability throughout the program

-World class email support between sessions to address questions and provide encouragement

-A chart that will help you track your progress.

-Weekly inspirational/motivational messages sent through email

-A PDF e -booklet on low back pain

-Reading materials about each topic that explains everything in detail and explains the science behind my suggestions. These will cover :

  • specific instructions for reducing or eliminating many painful conditions such as low back pain, headache, knee pain, hip pain and many more
  • How to make beneficial healing neurotransmitters in your body in a matter of minutes
  • How sleep directly impacts weight, hormones, and mental clarity with tips to improve your sleep patterns
  • The benefits of movement on your overall health and techniques that keep you motivated
  • How  stress affects your life and how it disrupts your hormones, impacts your weight and ability to function 
  • How to stop negative, habitual thoughts and experience more happiness
  • How to be healthy with simple nutrition and hydration practices
  • Ways to supercharge your happiness by practicing gratitude and mindfulness

At the end of three months you will have many new healthy habits that will serve you well for your lifetime. You will see for yourself that it is possible to have less pain, less stress and more joy and happiness. You can live the life you want with a greater sense of well being. All it takes is a little knowledge and commitment.

This program is for people who are committed to having less pain and more joy in their life and are willing to practice my suggestions and start to make new life affirming habits. It will take time and commitment and maybe even take you out of your comfort zone… but I promise it will be worth the effort.

If you are interested please send me an email telling me what you wish to accomplish by going through this program. What are your goals and aspirations? If it is determined I might be able to help you we can set up an initial meeting and explore what will be best for you.